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January 16, 2006


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Mike Bunyard

2005 certainly was an exciting year in terms of HCV news. From my point of view I would have to say the saliva based HCV testing excites me more than any of the rest of the news. My second choice would be the ability to culture HCV in a test tube. I recently attended the Viral Hepatitis Conference this past December in Washington, D.C. I went with the expectation of getting the latest on HCV and was somewhat disappointed in that respect. What did not disappoint was the opportunity to advocate on the hill with some incredible folks, meet some people face to face that had existed only in email previously (some of whom I'd known that way for many years), and attend a few presentations that did not disappoint. One of those was A Video-based HCV Educational Curriculum for High-Risk Drug Users (168) Diana L. Sylvestre; MD; O.A.S.I.S

Yesterday I received the OASIS DVD and it lived up to all my expectations. I was very impressed during the viewing at the conference and am looking forward to using it in my presentations. Highly recommended.



Have you seen the movie "Factor 8" by Kelly Duda?
It is about the spread of tainted blood from Arkansas prisons to Canada and other places as well. Very upsetting. Thanks. Pam

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