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August 17, 2006


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Mike Bunyard

Very well written and reasoned response. You close with: In short -- it's a complicated issue, but ripe for advocacy: we can push for more federal funding, and advocate on the local level for more integration in HIV testing and prevention programs. And on all levels, place testing in a broader framework of hepatitis C education, support, medical care, and treatment.

I'd like to challenge everyone reading this blog to contact their congressman (or woman) and ask them to co-sponsor either H.R. 1290 or S. 521 (Hepatitis C Epidemic Control and Prevention Act). If they are already co-sponsors then ask if they would encourage their fellow members of Congress to join with them. More co-sponsors means we can move this legislation forward. Begin locally advocating for services to HCV+ individuals. Screening is an important first step, but it is still only just that, a first step. Surprisingly, most of the folks I see at our exchange assume that they are HCV+ when in fact only about 20% are antibody +. Could it be the fact that we've had NEX here in rural Oregon (Douglas County) for the past 6 years. Funded mostly through HIV prevention. Unfortunately, because we do a very good job of prevention we have seen our funding cut by 25,000 this year and another 20,000 next year. That is what happens when HCV prevention gets integrated into HIV prevention and there isn't enough money. Our county is committed to continuing HCV screening although we are left to fend for ourselves when it comes to maintaining our NEX. Anyone interested can read more about our present funding woes by downloading the past few issues of our newsletter at our website Click on the newsletter tab and you can view them online or download them.

Thanks to you Daniel and the HRC for the tremendous work you do.


Ricky "D"

Hi, My name Is Ricky and I,ve had Hep C for about six years now. I started on interfuron and rebital when i first found out about it. But i have'nt taken anything for about 5 years now. The doctor actually told me that my Hep C was inactive about four years ago, but I had my blood tested recently and the doctor told me It's really out of control now, very high. I think he said my numbers were in the millions. I guess thats because I had relapsed and started using drugs again. I Really need some help now, Because the job and Insurance I had covered the Hep c meds the last time now I'm out of work, I have no Insurance, and I'm having a really hard time holding any job because Of my addiction. Oh yeah i also have some type of sores that I believe contain parasites, But the doctors tell me I'm crazy, and halusinating. I know what i have even when I'm not getting high I can notice the parasites under my skin. They actually surface when i shoot heroin and coke. I mean they come right out of my skin, but they are practically impossible to catch or hold on to, I really dig the hell out of my skin too. I have scabs all over my body mostly face arms and legs, belly. I can't reach my back but I'm sure there there also. I really need some help with all of these problems. So, If anyone could help me out and point me in the right direction I would GREATLY appreciate it!!!! You can contact me at or Please Help me!!!!!

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