Policy Statement on Hepatitis C     (Harm Reduction Coalition, Spring 1999)

Hepatitis C treatment and injection drug users:

Letter to Authors of the 2002 NIH HCV Consensus Statement    (sign-on letter, Harm Reduction Coalition with Positive Health Project and Treatment Action Group, 2002)

HCV Treatment in Substance Users: Background Paper      (New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute)

Treatment Of Chronic Hepatitis C In Active Drug Users     (New England Journal of Medicine sounding board article, Davis & Rodrigue, 2001)

Is It Justifiable To Withhold Treatment For Hepatitis C From Illicit-Drug Users?     (New England Journal of Medicine sounding board article, Edlin et al., 2001)

Treatment of Hepatitis C Infection in Injection Drug Users     (Hepatology article, Backmund et al., 2001)

Injection Drug Use and Hepatitis C     (PowerPoint presentation for NIH Consensus Development Conference, Brian Edlin, 2002


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